Microsoft Xbox One Console – Rare White “I Made This Edition”

Xbox One White "I Made This" Edition for Microsoft Employees Only

First announced in August of 2013, and previously believed to be just a rumor, the rare white “I Made This Edition” of the Xbox One is very real. . . and very expensive.

As if the “Day One Edition” wasn’t cool enough, this rare Xbox One console version was given to select full time Microsoft employees employed in Microsoft’s “Interactive Entertainment Business” division FREE of charge on launch day. Talk about perks!

In addition to the icy cool looking white and silver color scheme, the Microsoft employee exclusive Xbox One console is etched on the front with “I Made This” as well as launch team info. While the cheapest way to snag one of these rare beauties would have been to score a killer full time position in Microsoft’s IEB prior to July 12th, 2013,  you can still own one. You’ll just need to be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it.  Check out the links below on how you can make this rare Xbox One video game console part of your collection today!




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