Nyko Smart Clip for Xbox One Controller

Nyko Smart Clip – Xbox One on amazon

Do you use  the Xbox Smart Glass app on your phone? Maybe you like to use your phone while playing to access tutorials or walk throughs for tough portions of games. Maybe you’re just a social media or sms junky that texts or video chats non-stop.  If you’re like most gamers and tech fans few things rank up there with your love for your Xbox One, but your smart phone is probably a close second.

Thanks to the Nyko Smart Clip you can now get the most out of your phone and Xbox One by combining the two. The Nyko smart clip attaches to your controller and then holds your smart phone. This allows you to do cool things like use the Xbox Smart Glass app to integrate second screen features right on your controller via your phone.

The Smart Clip Xbox One accessory easily attaches to the controller without blocking any buttons or ports. It features a fully adjustable viewing angle; you just tighten the knob once your phone is in the position you want. Take THAT PS4 touchpad! 😉

We would advise you to control your anger however. Rage quitting and throwing your controller in disgust just got about 3 times more expensive. The Nyko Smart Clip is priced around $9.99 making it a perfect affordable Xbox One gift.

Click the link or image above or below to view more information or purchase this item on amazon.com today!


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