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Xbox One Media Remote

On February 20th, 2014 Microsoft announced their upcoming release of the Xbox One Media Remote. That’s right folks, a $500.00 console touting voice recognition and “you’re the controller” abilities now has a remote control. While we can’t imagine why a console in this price range wouldn’t just ship with a remote in the first place, we suspect we’ll be standing in line on release date demonstrating just why.


Like it’s predecessor, the Xbox 360, this remote offers easy video playback and control on your console. Unlike it’s aging brother’s remote this one isn’t a long narrow sea of buttons. Instead it sports a not to shabby looking rounded simple, sleek and stubby minimalist design. The backlit buttons that light up automatically are a great touch too.

Releasing in early March (3/7/2014) the Xbox One Media Remote puts gamers in control of their Blu-Ray movies, streaming videos, apps and more. It allows direct access to the OneGuide and even works with your Kinect to allow you to control power and volume on your TV or audio receiver.

Here’s the official write up from Major Nelson:

Releasing across Xbox One markets worldwide in early March, the Xbox One Media Remote lets you control video playback for Blu-ray movies and streaming video on Xbox One. Additionally, there are dedicated Back and OneGuide buttons. The OneGuide button provides one-touch, quick access to your favorite TV shows and movies through the Xbox program guide. This remote is designed to help you listen, watch and switch among experiences instantly – allowing you to rule your entertainment.The Media Remote can also control TV/Receiver power and volume through Kinect, which uses IR blasting to send signals to your TV and/or receiver.
The Xbox One Media Remote will retail for $24.99 ERP in the US and available in stores around the world.

The Xbox One Media Remote Control will be priced at $24.99, making it a great affordable Xbox One gift idea!

Pre-Order/Order this Xbox One accessory today using the information below:

Buy the Xbox One Media Remote via Microsoft.

Buy the Xbox One Media Remote at Gamestop.

You can also try BestBuy if you’re looking to purchase the Xbox One Media Remote Control.




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